ScorpioBots FLL 2019-2020 CityShaper Season

Taken from FLL City Shaper Game Guide

ScorpioBots advance to MD State Championship !!!

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We updated Safety Factor mission. Total 60 points in 32 second.

Robot Design Information

  • We created a lean robot design, with 7 simple attachments and quick transitions.
  • It fits in Small Inspection Area.
    We used 2­­­­ large, 1 medium motor, 1 gyro, 1 touch and 1 color sensor, proportional line follower and master sequencer program for robot game consistency and reliability.
  • Our Robot Game strategy 9 missions in 7 launches, max of 340 points
FLL CityShaper Crane Mission Explained
FLL CityShaper Treehouse and Bat Missions add up to 35 points total. A unit on tree small branch is 15 points, the bat on the tree is 10 points, and 5 points Small Area advantage per mission.

Fun Facts About Our Team

4 boys+2 girls:

  • 3 of us are soccer enthusiasts
  • 3 of us are on school math team
  • 4 of us went to MCPS Highly Gifted Center together
  • 5 of us play instruments
  • All 6 of us like to ride a bike

ScorpioBots Team T-shirt Design