FLL 2016-2017 Animal Allies Season

Illustration taken from https://firstinspiresst01.blob.core.windows.net/fll/animal-allies-challenge-guide.pdf

Robot Design Information

We are a rookie team of 4th graders and we are ready for 208 points.

We created a lean robot design, emphasizing simple quick attachments and lean transitions.

We used 3 large motors, 1 gyro and 2 color sensors, proportional line follower and master sequencer program for robot game consistency and reliability.

Project Information

We got the problem idea from Lego Friends episode.
Problem is Dolphins getting caught in fishing nets and may die.
Solution is to use devices to sent alert signals and fake shark signals to Dolphins to keep them away.

We shared with Humane Society US Wildlife Protection and they posted it on their Instagram that got about 1800 likes. We also presented at WAES Science Fair.

We made Lego bricks Model and used it in our presentation.

Core Values Information

Last year JrFLL team award and this year 1st place Core Values award winners at FLL Qualifier.

We split the work so each team member focuses on at least one mission so we get more done.

We were very enthusiastic about coming up with the right team name, team song and we designed our team logo and T shirts.

Team appreciates that many other FLL teams have posted you tube videos and we learned a lot from them.

Fun Facts About Our Team

A neighborhood group of Lego enthusiasts that also share love for sports, nature and video games.

We had lots of fun making Lego model to explain solution.
We had fun researching and watching Lego Friends, PBS WildKratts, National Geographic videos.

At meetings team was singing and dancing to you tube videos on breaks from programming robots and work on our project.

ScorpioBots Team T-shirt Design

Maryland’s 2017 FIRST LEGO League Tournament Held on Feb 25, 2017

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