ScorpioBots FLL 2019-2020 CityShaper Season

Taken from FLL City Shaper Game Guide

ScorpioBots advance to MD State Championship !!!

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We updated Safety Factor mission. Total 60 points in 32 second.

Robot Design Information

  • We created a lean robot design, with 7 simple attachments and quick transitions.
  • It fits in Small Inspection Area.
    We used 2­­­­ large, 1 medium motor, 1 gyro, 1 touch and 1 color sensor, proportional line follower and master sequencer program for robot game consistency and reliability.
  • Our Robot Game strategy 9 missions in 7 launches, max of 340 points
FLL CityShaper Crane Mission Explained
FLL CityShaper Treehouse and Bat Missions add up to 35 points total. A unit on tree small branch is 15 points, the bat on the tree is 10 points, and 5 points Small Area advantage per mission.

Fun Facts About Our Team

4 boys+2 girls:

  • 3 of us are soccer enthusiasts
  • 3 of us are on school math team
  • 4 of us went to MCPS Highly Gifted Center together
  • 5 of us play instruments
  • All 6 of us like to ride a bike

ScorpioBots Team T-shirt Design


FLL Core Values: Teamwork

FIRST official https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/flljr/core-values

We express the FIRST philosophies of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition through our Core Values:

  • Discovery: We explore new skills and ideas.
  • Innovation: We use creativity and persistence to solve problems.
  • Impact:  We apply what we learn to improve our world.
  • Inclusion: We respect each other and embrace our differences.
  • Teamwork: We are stronger when we work together.
  • Fun: We enjoy and celebrate what we do!

Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

Taken from https://visual.ly/community/infographic/business/difference-between-boss-and-leader

Examples of Excellent Teamwork

Taken from FLL Judge Guide-Power Puzzle.pdf

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Clearly defined roles
  • Workload is distributed fairly and team members understand each other’s Roles
  • Team members assist each other without being asked
  • Team members fill each other’s roles (happily!), if needed
  • Team members give concrete examples of learning time management

Gracious Professionalisam

  • Team members give concrete examples of respect for teammates
  • Team members show increased awareness of their school/community including concrete examples
  • Team members clearly discuss how this increased awareness translates into other areas of their lives
  • Team members give concrete examples of how they have helped each other/others

Problem solving and Team Dynamics

  • A problem was identified and the team worked together to find a solution
  • Various solutions were tested and then incorporated
  • Team accepts input from all and sees the big picture in their overall goals
  • Team members show other’s roles by entire team making decisions
  • Collaboration and coownership are dominant themes with the members recognizing interdependence

Confidence and Enthusiasm

  • All team members speak to the judges showing confidence in themselves as well as the team
  • Team members show equal investment in FLL
  • Members enthusiastically work together to include each other

FLL Values

  • Group articulates a clear understanding of the FLL experience
  • Team gives concrete examples of new skills acquired and their interest in the subject areas

FIRST Core Values


CityShaper Challenge Updates

Important (This Season FLL Launch Rules are Not the Same)

  • Interrupting the Robot even partly in the Launch Area can cause you to lose a Precision Token. To avoid this interrupt the robot when fully in Home.
  • You and the robot are not allowed to be touching any jig at the time of a Launch. But the robot may touch if the jig is completely in the Launch Area.

This means there are two allowable ways to use a jig:

  • For any kind of jig you can align the Robot against the jig, pull the jig completely into Home, then Launch.
  • For jigs that fit and stay completely in the launch area you can align the Robot against the jig, let go of the jig, then Launch, leaving the jig as is, untouched until the next Robot Interruption (For example: When the robot comes back to home).

Important (How to decide if your stack is “in”)

  • For M12 and M13, look at the whole Stack, not just Level 1, to decide if it is “in.” A Stack is partly in a Circle if ANY bit of the Stack is outside of the Circle’s interior or line and is Completely In a Circle if EVERY bit of the Stack is in the the Circle’s interior or line.
Partly In
10 Points Shown
Partly In
10 Points Shown
Partly In
10 Points Shown
Partly In
10 Points Shown
Partly In (Benefit Of The Doubt)
10 Points Shown
Completely In
20 Points Shown
(Includes Circle Color Match)
Completely In
(Benefit Of The Doubt)
20 Points Shown
(Includes Circle Color Match)

Challenge Updates taken from:



FLL 2018-2019 Into Orbit Season

Illustration taken from https://firstinspiresst01.blob.core.windows.net/fll/2019/FIRST-FLL-2018-19-ChallengeGuide-Letter.pdf

Robot Design Information

We are 6th graders. This is our 3rd FLL season and we focused on improving our robot mechanical design.

We used cube shape robot for alignment, wall following and for easy attachments. 2 large motors to move around and 2 steel balls in the back for stability. Color sensor to find the line. Our gear based attachments are controlled by 2 medium motors to lift, carry and hit objects.

We used Master Program to save transition time, 4 programs for total of 10 missions and maximum of 190 points and 15 sec to spare. So our strategy is if one of the quick missions fail we would have time to relaunch it.

At FLL Qualifier our Robot was taller than 12 inch which is wrong. We prepared and posted on YouTube Lesson Learned video to share with other teams how important it is to “read the Challenge Guide carefully”.

FLL Into Orbit Robot Game Rules Lessons Learned

Project Information

Problem: Upward trend in space debris and no active removal.

Research: the internet, read articles, and watched many documentaries.

Professionals: Talked about our ideas and existing solutions with NASA scientists Dr. Dworkin, Dr. Young at Goddard Space Center, Dr. Kohler, prof. Dr. Williams and students in Astrophysics at UMD Observatory, Dr. Norton NASA special advisor at PSW Science.

Our ideas: TrashBot, RecyclingBot, TrashBouncer and FrequencyBomb. We expanded our RemoveDebris solution to use 4 CubeSat to capture and redirect space debris into lower orbit where it would slow down due to atmosphere drag and burn before reaching the Earth.

We shared our solution with Prof. Dr. Richardson UMD who works on NASA DART planetary defense project. He liked our solution, CubeSat are cheap. Controlling the system of 4 may be challenging but possible as it can be done with drones.

Teamwork Information

The most important discovery is that in order to grow we need to get out of our comfort zone.

We challenged ourselves with mechanical design and it felt so good to see missions working after many failures.

We were shy at first but we learned much more by talking with professionals instead of just browsing the internet.

We split the work so we get more done and we help each other.

For example this year we have a rookie on our team and we made sure he is comfortable with robot design and programming. We got Core Values Award in JrFLL and also in 2016-17 Qualifier and State. Project and Robot Performance Award at BSU Qualifier 2018-19.

Fun Facts About Our Team

One of our team members did TED talk at school on Space Radiation, another worked on a Mission to Mars project at the Applied Physics Lab summer camp, and we all learned about CubeSats in 5th grade science class.

We like hanging out together, playing video games, going to the movies. At the beginning of the season we watched “Science Fair” documentary, later “First Man” movie. These were really inspirational.

Our JrFLL team name was Scorpios and we changed it to ScorpioBots when we entered FLL. Our team logo as seen on our T-shirt front, has been designed by one of our former team members. We like it and use it ever since. This is our 3rd FLL season and 3rd time at MD State Championship.

ScorpioBots Team T-shirt Design


FLL 2017-2018 Hydrodynamics Season

Illustration taken from https://firstinspiresst01.blob.core.windows.net/fll/hydro-dynamics-challenge-guide-letter.pdf

Robot Design Information

We are 5th graders.

This is our 2nd FLL year and we have two rookies on our team. Together we have done 9 missions and are ready for 205 points.

We used simple multipurpose attachments to carry, lift, push and accomplish many missions. And ultrasonic sensor for wall follower.
We have a simple robot design that moves easily around the table.

Project Information

Our Solutions we shared with Leidos Environmental Engineer and Energy Expert at Liquefied Natural Gas and they told us how big problem this is to solve. Also shared at ES Science Fair and with Apophenia FLL Team. Our coaches didn’t know about Hydraulic Fracturing problems uses a lot of water, pollutes water and air, and we all learned together. We presented with US map like weathermen and made simulation in Minecraft for Fracking Site,Trucks, City, Solar Panels in Desert, our 360 degrees Pipe Fixer and Drones Police.

Core Values Information

We made our Team Cheer and use it before robot game. We split the work so we get more done and help each other.

We shared our project with Apophenia FLL Team 31748. We also had robot practice together and learned from their scrimmage.

We shared our FLL experience at WAES Science Fair.

We got Core Values Award in JrFLL and last year in Qualifier and State. This year we advanced from Rockville Qualifier as 2nd Champions.

Fun Facts About Our Team

We love video games and had lots of fun on project solution simulation in Minecraft and we had zombies and bunnies in the city and candy canes in the desert but we removed them for the judges. Some of our creations exploded.

At our meetings besides robots we were making Lego Technic fidgets like spinners and shooters.

We like goofing around and we practiced our presentation in front of plush toys.

ScorpioBots Team T-shirt Design


FLL 2016-2017 Animal Allies Season

Illustration taken from https://firstinspiresst01.blob.core.windows.net/fll/animal-allies-challenge-guide.pdf

Robot Design Information

We are a rookie team of 4th graders and we are ready for 208 points.

We created a lean robot design, emphasizing simple quick attachments and lean transitions.

We used 3 large motors, 1 gyro and 2 color sensors, proportional line follower and master sequencer program for robot game consistency and reliability.

Project Information

We got the problem idea from Lego Friends episode.
Problem is Dolphins getting caught in fishing nets and may die.
Solution is to use devices to sent alert signals and fake shark signals to Dolphins to keep them away.

We shared with Humane Society US Wildlife Protection and they posted it on their Instagram that got about 1800 likes. We also presented at WAES Science Fair.

We made Lego bricks Model and used it in our presentation.

Core Values Information

Last year JrFLL team award and this year 1st place Core Values award winners at FLL Qualifier.

We split the work so each team member focuses on at least one mission so we get more done.

We were very enthusiastic about coming up with the right team name, team song and we designed our team logo and T shirts.

Team appreciates that many other FLL teams have posted you tube videos and we learned a lot from them.

Fun Facts About Our Team

A neighborhood group of Lego enthusiasts that also share love for sports, nature and video games.

We had lots of fun making Lego model to explain solution.
We had fun researching and watching Lego Friends, PBS WildKratts, National Geographic videos.

At meetings team was singing and dancing to you tube videos on breaks from programming robots and work on our project.

ScorpioBots Team T-shirt Design

Maryland’s 2017 FIRST LEGO League Tournament Held on Feb 25, 2017

This video has been posted by MarylandFIRST. http://www.firstinmaryland.org


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